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Dec 18, 2014



Flow. (SOLD)
36" x 48"
Acrylic paint on canvas.
Limited edition prints available.

I sought to paint the feeling of emptiness to bring awareness to its existence and the role it can play in the decisions we make to fill it or distract from its sensation.

The yellow-white smudge on the top-left of the artwork symbolizes optimism and hope as a guiding light in the vast-expanse.

I found emptiness to be tethered by interconnected-ness for me. I represented this by depicting capillaries, highways and tree branches in the bottom of the artwork.

It was important for me to represent these three: capillaries, highways and tree branches because I have been amused with patterns of function across the universe. With minor modifications, the same equation for force can be used to predict the travel of planets around stars, or flow within capillaries of our bodies or of tree branches, or the stress-loads of cars crossing highways. Cells traveling through our bodies to complete functions seem similar to the way we make our way in boxy cars through highways. Blood clots and traffic jams are more similar than different. Are we aware of the functions and purposes we create by existing?

This painting does not require a frame. It is wired and ready-to-hang. Its contains gold paint and thick use of brushstrokes, the full effect of which are best experienced in person.

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