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May 17, 2020

👉🏾Caption this painting for me!

👉🏾Caption this painting for me!

👉🏾Caption this painting for me!⁣

💫As the artist, I wish I never had to explain a painting. I’m communicating through colors & what you see & interpret is the valid meaning.⁣

👀If you ask me to use the non-visual part of my brain & use words for this painting though, I would say it’s about how different people can be, but still part of a greater purpose (I see each color as an entity).⁣

🌞🍃💦🌪It’s also about the elements: sun (fire), earth, water & wind/sky, especially because the couple who commissioned this painting have the cutest one-year-old, who’s name in English means “sky.”⁣

🏡They lobbied to have certain colors on the canvas, to match the interior of their home & I expressed the colors in my style.⁣

🏦For those who are curious about on commissions & cost, this family paid $650 for two abstract artworks. Cost is always a conversation & I ultimately want to be sure whoever has the painting understands it’s value & can be entrusted to care for the artwork indefinitely 💕⁣

🗿It is a life-long responsibility to own a painting.⁣

🧐What do you see in this artwork ?

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